With spring here, its a great time for cleaning, renewal, and fresh beginnings. I’ve been doing a whole lot of that around my house, especially as I develop my green thumb by planting my own organic fruits and vegetables. Things are going great so far,  and hopefully I’ll have a healthy harvest this summer and fall.

I called up a trainer friend of mine to help whip me into shape. It’s been quite a while since I threw on my white freak-um dress, and I’ve decided that this will be the year that I throw out the “mommy” excuses and just get it together. So I will, with the help of my trainer, be fit and trim for the Hamptons.

I am going to dedicate this space to all things that inspire me to look, feel, and be my healthiest, and what greater way to gain inspiration, than to look at a good selection of beautiful healthy black women. I’ve already made my personal board, and decided to put this one up on Pinterest, and add to it as I get inspired. I hope you make your own, or follow this one as well. Here’s to bikini bodies!

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