I’ve been blessed with an abundance of dark, thick hair since I was a little girl. As I get older, I always have that fear that I will suffer the inevitable. I’ve heard stories of women losing their hair after childbirth and getting thin once they’ve hot a certain age. Knock on wood this hasn’t happened to me. I try to eat as healthful as I can – lots of eggs, real butter, coconut oil and grass-fed animal fats keep my hair, skin and nails strong and supple.
Rocking my ‘fro at 3 years
I’ve also been put on to the wonders of Rosemary as a stimulant to healthy hair growth.This Rosemary hair rinse was floating around on Facebook, so I decided to give it a try, after my shampoo. If definitely gives my hair a stingily, fresh feeling, and my follicles do seem stronger after the first few uses. I can’t tell you about length; that will have to wait until my next visit to the stylist. 
Here is the recipe to try at home. It’s pretty simple:
Rosemary Hair Rinse 
4 Cups filtered water
8 drops of rosemary essential oil
8 drops Lavender essential oil
1 tsp Borax
3 tbsp. Organic Apple Cider vinegar
Put all the ingredients into several glass jars, depending on amount needed per rinse. And your done! The rinse keeps for 2 weeks in your fridge.