Bio Oil, $10, Walgreens

I’m using Bio-Oil with PurCellin. Bio-Oil was formulated to reduce or eliminate stretchmarks, hyperpigmentation and other skin concerns. PurCellin is a scientifically produced ingredient that mimics the glandular oil in a duck’s neck called preening oil that aids in conditioning the feathers of the duck without weighing the feathers down, hence Bio-Oils easy absorbtion in the skin. I was curious about the active ingredients which include Vit A(Retinyl Palmitate), Vit E(Tocopheryl Acetate),plus other essential plant oils which include lavender(healing) among others. Bio-Oil does make a dubious claim about toning sagging skin. If that is a concern of yours disregard this product and others that promise positive results. Slackened skin wont become firm with an oil. However, dry saggy skin might look healthier if constantly moisturized. A few drops massaged onto my cleansed face for the past two months have actually lightened an old acne scar. Bio-Oil contains no artificial preservatives. Lavender oil is a natural preservative.