Lavish Beauty: Fresh Faces

I’ve been noticing a refreshing look on the red carpet lately, with stars toning down the makeup and opting for a cleaner, softer, more fresh-faced look. I’m definitely feeling this, as we move into summer. Nobody want to wear a ton of makeup in the heat. Kerry Washington and Rihanna do the fresh look effortlessly, and you can to by following these simple steps:

First: Cleanse, tone, and moisturize. This is the basis of any look.

Second: Skip the foundation and opt for a concealer to dab on any trouble spots.

Third: For the eyes, add a soft golden hue under the brow bone and smooth in so that the gold is subtle and not shocking.  Rim the eyes with a deep brown (not black) shade of eyeliner. then take a silver or white highlighter and dab  the inside corner of your eyes. Blending is crucial here so that the colors aren’t abrupt. Use a clear brow gel to shape your eyebrows. If you must, add a touch of mascara to the outer corner of your lashes. Too-Faced ‘s Natural Eye palette is perfect for this.

Fourth: Take a creamy lipstick and line the edge of the lips. Don’t fill in the lips. Spread the color with a little gloss.

Fifth: Smile and place two or three dabs of lipstick on your cheeks and blend in so that the color is barely visible.

Lavish Tip: I always try to do my makeup near my window. The natural light source will give you a better indication of how your makeup truly looks on your skin.


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