Masks aren’t just for Mardi Gras. Facials are beneficial for those like myself who wear makeup daily, tend to have breakouts or just want to complement their beauty regimen. I’ve sold beauty masks for as much as $125.00 (La Prairie’s Caviar Firming Mask) and as inexpensive as $54.00 (Bliss Steep Clean). My mature clients swore by La Prairie products including the $700.00 Caviar Cream.

La Prairie Caviar Firming Mask, $135, Beauty Steals

For the less well heeled or (insane) I’d go with Steep Clean by Bliss. Steep Clean acts as an exfoliate, pore decongestant and skin brightener. Used weekly on a cleansed face and left on for 15 min your skin will feel really clean.

Bliss Steep Clean, $54, BLISS

Okay, okay. For those who might have a problem with a $54.00 mask (after all, that’s the cost of a bikini AND eyebrow wax!), I’ve discovered Moroccan Red Clay masque. I love it and its under $5.00! It requires mixing with water but it’s a great cleansing mask. Moroccan clay is rich in iron and potassium (think collard greens and bananas) will dry up those pimples and contains no preservatives. I found my jar at a local health food store.

Moroccan Red Clay Powder, about $4,House of Nutrition