Kanye vs. Daft Punk

For the past week or two, I’ve been bumping the hell out of Kanye West’s Stronger:

which is why I’m completely embarrassed that I hadn’t recognized that he’d liberally sampled from one of my favorite modern techno pop groups

until someone played both tracks back to back. I’m honestly torn between the two, so I must ask: who rocked this joint better – OG Daft Punk or Reworked Kanye? Hopefully, you can offer a sista a bit of clarity…



Revisiting: Max Roach


To Do, To Do: Alek Wek


  1. Wow… He basically remade the Daft Punk Original with HipHop flair. I like seeing that daft Punk was reppin some afrocentricity in their cartoon, by the by…

    Another interesting Kanye-related headscratcher for me of late?
    I heard Kanye referred to T-pain as a genius… What is so different about what T-pain is doing, than what ‘Roger’ did in ‘I wannna be your man?’ back in the day?

    Hopefully I was misinformed.

  2. Princesa

    I prefer Daft Punk’s version. He has done a really good job (and it was nice of him to put daft punk in the vid) but originals always stand firm! Apparently there is a new version where Timbaland has re-done the drums on stronger. Kanye probably wishes he came up with this song. -x-

  3. I really think it’s a tie. Both songs are hot.

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  5. brooklynlove

    come on, what happened to originality? It makes me sad that this is one of Daft Punk’s most famous songs and yet there are thousands out there thinking that this hot beat belongs to Kanye. I mean, taking the whole song straight??!! Wish I could take a song, make a half ass rap over it about a black kate moss and make millions.

  6. Actually, Daft Punk jacked it before Kanye. It all starts in the 1970’s with the Edwin Birdsong track
    ‘Coca Cola Baby”:


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