Harper’s Bazaar does a jungle theme with Naomi Campbell

Am I being hypersensitive, or am I just BORED with the idea of seeing another Black model in the jungle posed as a wild untamed animal. Have editors run out ideas that they must continually put models in this position? Harper’s Bazaar has fallen into the same trap in a recent issue where Naomi Campbell is seen running through the jungle like a cheetah, and jumping rope with monkeys as a White zoo-keeper watches. (How many racist metaphors can you count in that past sentence?). What’s worse is that a model of her stature would co-sign on such a feature. Naomi Campbell has the power and the pull to spearhead the direction of fashion. The jungle route is just a sad, overplayed theme exercised by 21st century editors with 16th century judgment. Is it just art or it is bad taste? See for yourself: