Julie & Julia opens today in theaters

I have become a self-proclaimed foodie. I finally realized this when I brought goat cheese, salmon, capers and pain ancien to the beach–for a snack.

The NY Daily News did a writeup of the rise of the new food snob.

“You used to be a food snob if you knew all the different kinds of truffles and foie gras,” Mitchell says. “Now the snob is the person who’s at the taco truck in Queens or the pizza place in the Bronx. This cultural omnivorousness is central among people who want to distinguish themselves through food.”

Which should be the draw for this new flick. Julie & Julia is a double story about the Julia Child’s early beginnings as a chef, and a blogger named Julie who documents the angst of preparing all of Julia Child’s recipes. I can’t wait to see this movie-especially Meryl Streep’s role as Julia Child’s. The food alone makes me salivate! Here is the trailer: