Candy canes aren’t the only sugar around this holiday season. Juicy Couture has got goodies and I’m like a kid in the candy shop with these new arrivals! These sweets make great holiday gifts and can also provide a bit of flavor to your life.

With sprinkles as tiny candy colored jewels, these Cupcake Stud Earrings ($78) make a real treat for Christmas.

Pick a flavor! Lollipop Boy Shorts, $18

Have some, no have all of them! The Juicy Couture Panty Gift Set
($18) is fun and sexy.

Don’t expect Dylan’s Candy Bar Gum Balls in Candy Cane, ($28) to hang around for long.

Hoping your mom had 25 cents, this Bubble Gum Machine Charm ($52) serves as a fun and fond memory of those old school gumball machines.

Arlice Nichole