At least that’s what I thought I read at first glance in the New York Magazine article. All of these pop artists have been littering the fashion design arena with their classless crap for years. I guess the recession is clawing into the oncelucrative scam these non-designers have been running on the public. I am waiting for the House of Dead Wrong to follow suit. From New York Mag:

Jennifer Lopez Will Temporarily Spare the U.S. Her Clothing Line

Jennifer Lopez has decided to halt production of her Sweetface clothing line. Though Lopez was a pioneer in the celebrity clothing business, her hardly storied design career has been turbulent and, well, kind of sad. Try to suppress your shock. In 2001, she launched JLO as one of the first celebrity fashion lines. Remember her shows at New York Fashion Week? Despite the initial hype, the industry didn’t take her as a serious designer, and the line never attained the success of, say, Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. label. (Hell, we practically forgot she had a line until today’s news.) In 2007, Lopez finally decided to close JLO in the U.S. and distribute it only in other countries. But she thought America wanted more apparel by her, so she launched justsweet, which closed after only a few seasons at retail.

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