For the first time since his death, little Sib Janet Jackson speaks warmly and fondly on the last day she spent with her brother, the late Michael Jackson, before his passing. According to the singer/actress it was a fun family gathering, one, she says, they called often each other about afterward on how good a time it was.

In addition to private details surrounding the death of the entertainer, Jackson reveals how he came up with his signature style statements.

What she’d like the world to know about Michael
“If it was shiny, if it had any kind of bling, he loved it. It was that drummer-boy look. Do you remember that black jacket he wore for Motown’s 25th anniversary? That’s our mother’s! He grabbed that from her closet! He loved anything that sparkled. [That last day Janet saw Michael] he had a Balmain jacket on. He had a few of them–all black, jeweled, studded, with rhinestones.”

On the origins of the famous white glove:
“That was actually my brother Jackie’s idea at home one day. He just said, ‘You should wear one glove. A white glove.’ And then Mike studded it all. That was it.”

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source: Yahoo’s Shine

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