The dessert isle…mmmm

I’ve been tagged by Hip Candy, a favorite over here at Lavish, and have decided to play along! Here are the rules: The tagged person lists 7 random facts/habits about him or herself on their site along with the rules of the game. They then tag 7 other sites, leaving a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged and a link to the tagger’s blog. So here goes!

1. My current indulgences are a) The chocolate mousse from French supermarket chain Monoprix. I buy one almost daily b) Foreign magazines with pre-packaged “gifts” c) sleep

2. I use concealer with reckless abandon. It can cover every flaw on my body (and you thought I had perfect skin!). My favorite brand is by Lorac.

3. I’m obsessed with dance, in particular African. Especially Sabar. I live for Sabar! I’m also in a Sabar dance company and a Haitian dance company.

4. My friends always call me “Miss 411” because I’m always at the hottest parties and events. How do I stay in the know? I subscribe to almost every list out there. Sure, it’s annoying to get all those emails every morning, but I always thank myself when I get in the door!

5. I’m a Baptized Christian, and I go to church every Sunday. This personal fact gets them everytime! See, not all Christians are all fire and brimstone!

6. The cheapest way to get to Paris is on Air India. I’ve flown with them often. Just endure the Indian curry meals and Bollywood movies (you’ll really love them!) and you’ll be in the City of Light in no time!

7. The quickest way to my heart is lingerie and dark chocolate. My favorite Brands? Lingerie: Agent Provocateur, Princess Tam Tam and Elle McPherson Intimates . Chocolate: Vosges, Marie Belle, Whole Foods Dark Chocolate Truffles (a cheap thrill at $4,95 a box)

And now, passing on the torch, I think I’ll tag: StyleSightings, Fashionalities, The Fashion Bomb, Shoewawa, The Cheap Chica, Clothes Pin, and Vanity Pages.

Check on it!