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A lot of people asked me why I called this magazine “Lavish”. The word evokes images of extravagance, over-the-top indulgence, and opulence. But I think of the word in a much broader sense. To me, living the lavish lifestyle means not only enjoying the pleasures of fashion, beauty and life’s big and little luxuries, but also enjoying the riches of culture and knowledge. It means digging out the jewels from the rubbles of history and discovering the riches left behind-bringing it to new life. It’s about knowing your history, cultivating a new herstory, being interested in learning new things, and being open to experiencing all that life can offer.

Who is the Lavish woman? She
…knows her Rousseau and her Rakim.
…likes her Loubous and her Levis.
…quotes her Kant and her Kwamé.
…nods to Dead Prez, yet questions the Head of State.

And if she has any doubt in her mind, she seeks the answers. The culmination of the Lavish woman is the cultivation of all her pleasure’s and knowledge into something that is tangible, visible, and attainable. It’s not about being wealthy in the green sense. Lavish wealth is a metaphor for abundance in all positive things. I want to plant a seed into the minds of young women of what it is to be empowered, how to distill the true meaning of wealth, and to discern the usefulness of knowledge–and still look fly. Come take this journey with me.

Tatiana Y. Smith



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  1. I love the idea of your online mag!
    I think that your definition of “Lavish” fits
    mine and I look forward to it’s launch and success!!
    If that is you in the picture-
    you are beautiful!!

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