Italian Vogue Knows the Beauty of Black

To hit newsstands this Thursday in the U.K., the July issue of Italian Vogue devoted almost entirely to black models, actresses, and other Black beauties! This issue is a direct response to the lack of appreciation and usage of Black models on runways, which there has been much buzz about lately. Lavish Magazine will keep you posted when this special issue hits U.S. newsstands. This is a must-see issue!


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  1. Anonymous

    It’s alright! But how about some darker shades of black; other than Naomi!

  2. Anonymous

    Yes! I’m soo happy to see more women on color! Additionally, here are some photots from Rock the Runway in St. Louis. Enjoy!

  3. “Italian Vogue Knows the Beauty of Black”

    Dang, I just wrote echoed this statment in my last comment.

    Yes, they DO!

    American VOGUE needs to get w/ the program.

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