What would a punk Party be with out Vivienne Westwood (above) and Debbie Harry (below)?

As I browsed through the pictures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Gala celebrating punk culture, I couldn’t help but think if the stylist for all these celebrities failed to get the memo. I saw alot of sateen, gaudy, glittery pieces that were better suited for the Academy Awards or the Grammies, but not many looks that said punk. Basically, a whole lot of prom dresses. 
Pretty dress. Punk? Maybe not.
Perhaps my idea of punk has been skewed by the idealized version that we often see in magazines and music videos that has now been trivialized by the likes of Demi Lovato or any other Disney starlette that wants to turn edgy. Time Magazine has a brief article on the origins of what it truly means to be punk. Whatever. My understanding of punk is to be completely anti. Anti establishment. Anti social. Anti fashion. 
Vera Wang (here with Alexander Wang), the quintessential bridal princess? Definitely punk, in this ensemble. Rita Orta’s outfit definitely had some nods to the handmade, ripped at the hem feel of punk. 
But maybe this woman was the most punk of them all: 
 PUNK: Chaos to CoutureThe Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC May 9 – August 14, 2013