I just watched a video of Michael Richards, AKA Kramer from Seinfeld, go off on a racist rant at a recent standup gig at the Laugh Factory.

I couldn’t help but think: With all of the political-correctness out there, and the suppression of thoughts by many races, what do people REALLY think of each other? Have we grown as much as we say we have? And while I’m at, what do you think about Black people contributing to this racism? We contribute everytime we endorse the use of the word “nigga” in our songs, our speech, and our culture. It’s laughable when people like Jay-Z create videos targeting racism, and anti-semitism. I’m offended everytime I hear the words bitch, nigga, and ho in a rapper’s songs. Does this count? Or is Jay’s music exempt? Let’s really look at this situation and stop blaming the “White Man”. Maybe Kramer thought it was acceptable because he heard so many of ‘Us’ saying it…Thanks to Vivian for the heads-up.