A Great Mascara! It’s been said the eyes are the windows to the world and soul. If that’s so, why not adorn and beautify them? Mascara is the easiest way to enhance your look. I’ve been experimenting with a few products, what else is new? 

If you’re a beauty addict of a certain age you’ll surely remember that “coming of age” brand in the pink tube with the green top. Yes, Maybelline’s Great Lash! Still a favorite for some and in most every makeup artist’s stash (mine included!) By the way, Here’s a shout out to Maybelline sponsors of New York’s Fashion Week! 

Estee Lauder debuted its Turbo Lash last season and Lancome soon followed with its Oscillation PowerMascara. Both boasted 7,000 vibrations per stroke and lashes that could rival false ones. Now comes Maybelline’s Pulse Perfection that offers similiar effects. 
Lancome, in an effort to uphold the hype in spite of the public’s waning interest of its novelty mascara has introduced Oscillation PowerBooster, “A Vibrating, Amplifying”, Primer. (Yawn).  Folks, call me jaded, annoying, whatever. Just don’t call me a sucker which is what you’ll be if you purchase this product for $39.00! Why the hell would you risk skewering your eyeball to magically apply a primer easily and more inexpensively obtained from Loreal for just $7.00? I’m referring to Double-Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara. All lash primers contain in varying degrees the same blend of latex, emulsifiers and silicones. I find them to be annoying as they tend to flake and dry the lashes. I contacted Lancome for an explanation of ingredients that could “boost the appearance” of naturally growing lashes and if Loreal’s lower priced product was THAT different. Silly of me to expect a straightforward answer. Lancome e-mailed me with a polite but unanswered letter to my questions and would not even acknowledge Loreal its lower priced sister brand! I can’t stand it! Anyway, let me not tantrum. 
My top picks for lengthening and volumizing are BadGal Lash from Benefit, Max Factor 2000 Calorie,  Loreal’s Double Extend–great mascara even without its touted primer– and yes, Maybelline’s Pulse Perfection. As with the other brands your lashes will be extended because of that extra tug. A word of caution: sounds silly but don’t do your makeup magic trick in a moving vehicle, and use extra caution when applying to your lower lashes. Incidently, if you must have a pricey powered mascara go with TurboLash from Estee Lauder. Great product but like the others the battery will start to falter after about a month.