If Only for Nostalgia’s Sake

Jelly shoes have graduated! The jellies we rocked in the 80’s as kids are all grown-up now. Designers have fashioned the jelly into more comfortable yet sexy styles while still maintaining their fun, bright colors. What makes jellies exciting this time around is their smart versatility. There are now many styles to choose from. There is still the same classic jelly that some of us grew up wearing, as well as styles featuring details like floral motifs and slightly wedged heels to name a few. Best of all there’s a jelly to fit the budget of just about every fashionista, like the ones below…

Sexy Can I?!
Dyeables WOW, OutletBuy.com, $34.95

Classy Girl
The classic peep-toe jelly of the 80’s!
Payless.com, $15.99, also comes in dark grey.

Simple Chic
The Jellystone by Stuart Weitzman are more classic in style with a simple bow added. $115, Bloomingdales.com

Sporty Chic
Great for our athletic divas or just plain ole comfort.
Sensi Capri Ice, OutletBuy.com, $29.95

Cute and Casual
Michael Kors Shield, $49, Bloomingdales.com

Fun and Flirty!
Kate Spade Maui Jelly Flip Flops
$60.00, Bloomindales.com

A Wearable Wedge!
Nine West, $19.99


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  1. Anonymous

    the jellies were great as a kid, but now they are unwearable and goofy-looking. I’d rather stick to gladiators and regular flips. I just bought some great sandals from shopgoldyn.com, they have a huge selection!

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