I want to do my part in rehabilitating the environment (if that’s even possible) and salvage the good of what’s left of the earth that we still have. Personal space is important, and mine is everything to me. Soy candles of all shapes, sizes, and scents appear in every room of my place. But, it was only recently that I learned burning some candles may actually be harmful to the environment. I figured my soy candles were safe enough, but I also found a new candle, The Healthy Candle by LAVINILLA Laboratories at Sephora.com.

This candle is housed in a chocolate brown keepsake tin bowl that has a native, hand-painted appearance (OK, you know me, style please!), and this candle doesn’t release any pollutants into the air as it burns. It’s not made with any synthetics, and only exotic essential oils. I opted for the vanilla coconut scent pictured above, but the choices are many: vanilla grapefruit, vanilla lavender, pure vanilla, and vanilla spice-which should be here any day now for me to burn on Thanksgiving day.

The Healthy Candle has a price any budgetista will appreciate: $32

Arlice Nichole, Fashion & Culture Correspondent