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What is it about sunscreen that deters people of color? What leads certain people to *still* believe that it’s a “white thing”, that black skin is strong enough, and doesn’t need protection in the hot season? And it’s not just a summer thing either. The fact that your skin is exposed to sun every single day (including the rainy ones, people), should give you more than enough incentive to protect yourself from harmful skin cancer-causing rays. It’s not a ‘white folk’ thing. It’s a health thing.

Daily Defense Lotion SPF 30
The platinum of SPF lotions, my mother got me hooked on this one. I use it religiously throughout the year, and its has a light consistency, and doesn’t leave any perfume-y scents.
$135 at Sephora

Avon’s sunscreen has stayed in the bags of moms everywhere. And why not? It’s simple, inexpensive, and does the job right.
Avon Sunscreen, $7 online.

At 70 SPF, this sunscreen by Neutrogena is tough, long-lasting, and ready to withstand your beach bunny bake-a-thon.
$10 at Target


Anna Wintour does Miranda Preastly does Anna Wintour


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  1. Good piece Tatiana, I'm glad you point out that suncream is not only a 'white folk thing'. Although my skin is very dark last year I used suncream but forgot my nose. At the end of the holiday my nose was damage by the sun.
    So people please protect your skin with sunscreens. Don't forget that we are all humans and we have skins no matter the color.

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