I Must Meet This Man

A Brooklyn man has painted his house fuchsia. FUCHSIA! To each his own…

From the New York Daily News:
Back to the fuchsia
Paint job frosts Brooklyn neighbors


Bernie Henry (r.) had his brownstone painted pink, which has his neighbors feeling blue.
A Brooklyn homeowner has given his multimillion-dollar Park Slope brownstone a fresh coat of hot-pink paint – and that’s got outraged neighbors seeing red.

“It’s just over the top,” said Riva Rosenfield, 67, who lives directly across the street from Bernie Henry’s pink palace on Garfield Place.

“It’s not my favorite color,” added Thad Russell, 41, who lives two blocks away. “I guess it’s nice to see diversity, but I’m glad there aren’t more of them.”

Corcoran real estate broker Paul Zumoff said the brownstones on the block are valued as high as $3 million and that Henry’s house, which has three apartments, could fetch that much “so long as it can be restored.”


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  1. Well you’ve got to give it to him for originality!
    Most people who live on the islands paint their houses whatever colors they want… LOUD colors like that 🙂
    But It’s his damn house-he can do what he wants-
    so for that HOORAY!

  2. Anonymous

    what many don’t seem to understand is that all over the country and the planet, historic houses are fighting for their lives. Craven real estate interests see more value in their futures than with the past of old houses. They aren’t building brownstones any more. You may think it’s a hoot to degrade the gracious carved lintels of of these gems. If so go look at Canarsie and Williamsburg. Why fight to live among snobby Park Slopers?

  3. I don’t think it’s a degredation. I think it’s personal expression. It’s no different than when a young Black woman get’s chasitized fer cutting her long hair and going natural. She would get criticism from her family/community for not preserving her “beauty”. But it’s her hair right?

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