I Am Not My Hair

I’ve been going through some serious hair transitions over the past few years. From relaxers, to natural, to locks, to natural again… I may just go full circle. I’m in the process of writing an article about the importance of hair in the Black community (how many of you have been told you have ‘good hair’?) and how it affects our growth as women. Talk to me if you have ideas or comments.


Your better WORK!


I’m in love with Mary Jane…


  1. hey there,

    my sis has a ntural and is considering loc’s (she’s the model on my website – http://www.stylesse.com). she and i would both love to talk to you about black hair issues…oh, we’ve got so many stories!!!

  2. Coffy

    i am currently going back to my natural texture, and i am so excited for the day that i have one texture

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