The Hotness: Snakeskin bangles

Every Wednesday, I will be highlighting a hot new trend in fashion, called “The Hotness”. This week’s Hotness? Snakeskin bangles. I’ve seen them on the street, and even though they debuted in the Spring, they are really gonna blow for the Fall. Ted Rossi offers a few cute options, from $29.95 up. But any smart fashionista can (wisely) find this of-the-minute-trendy item on the street from a vendor in Soho, for a fraction of the price.


Talib Kweli at Apple store Tonite


Sabar FIRE!!!

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  1. I bought a couple of snakeskin braceles afew years ago anf never wore them because I didn’t have the style conscience that I have now. Best believe I dusted those suckas off a couple of weeks ago and have been rocking them since! Sometimes, it pays to take a chance with fashion!

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