Suzanne Boyd holds a particular place in my heart. Not only was she my boss at Suede, her style, discerning taste, and broad wisdom inspired me to start Lavish when it was shut down. There was nothing like going to work everyday to work with some of the most stylish, witty, most savvy Black women. Essence and Suede were like two worlds. While I respected Essence, one could always tell if you were a Suede chick. Your swagger, effortless cool, hipster chic were instantly recognized when you walked into the Essence offices. It was truly one of my favorite jobs, and Suzanne had that vision that few people in the industry were willing to risk.
A few months back, Ms. Boyd was featured on O at Home, showing off her fashionable house. Take a peek, if not to be a voyeur, then for inspiration.

Read about here inspiration here.