The High-Waist = A Fashion Conundrum

Folks, I’ve been wrestling with the pros and cons of the high-waist ever since I was informed of its resurgence last summer in a publication. On one hand, I was excited that the low-rise regime was on its way out the door- for I am beyond tired of being subjected to barely-concealed buttcracks from (mostly) ill-fitting bottoms on the streets of New York. Moreover, the high-waisted pant emerged as the next cutting-edge trend in Kelis’ vainglorious video, Bossy:

compelling me to rush to the nearest vintage spot to snag a pair of Calvins, circa Brooke Shields, until I was reminded, mid-route, of just how an unconventional thumbing to everything low-cut can spiral into a horrifying camel-toe faux pas. The offender in question rocked a pair of corset-waisted jeans that emphasized a none-too-subtle tummy pooch- transforming them into a pair of designer “mom” jeans, thus sparking an internal debate that has yet to be resolved. Though I’m no closer on deciding on whether the high-waist bottom is truly a pro or con, I gathered a few finds to introduce a debate that may turn out to be even more polarizing than the upcoming Democratic presidential debate:
White Catherine Malandrino high waist skirt, $345 at Shopbop

Grey Ant braided high-waisted wide leg jeans, $330 at Eva New York

dark khaki Chloe high-waisted pants, $1000 at Bergdorf Goodman

I look foward to hearing your two cents on this, folks.


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Amy Winehouse


  1. Tracy, I so wanna wear this look, and Kelis makes it look so hot. But I don’t think ANYTHING can hide my rotund belly at this point! But once I get my fitness on, best believe I will try this style this summer..

  2. maryamafulami

    i am too daggone short to wear high waisted jeans, kelis looks georgous

  3. Anonymous

    wouldn’t high waisted pants make your legs look longer, making you look taller

  4. Anonymous

    yes – they make your legs look longer….. and they cover that round belly! Can’t go wrong with these

  5. Anonymous

    I would love to wear one of those high waited pencil skirts from the 40’s. They look so sharp and sexy.
    i do love the trousers but think you’d have to be careful not to look like you’re downing in them.

    jan 18 2009

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