The events of the last few weeks have been nothing short of horrible for me personally. Suddenly the latest fashion must-have wasn’t so much of a must, and everyday Facebook chatter seemed non-important in the grander scheme of things. This weekend, despite it all, I decided to take action and get out of this funk in an inexpensive, yet self gratifying way. I would give myself a day of beauty in the comfort of my home with a few select products from one of my all-time favorite beauty stores, Lush.

Now I know how pricey some of the products can get, so I went in with my guiders on and my heart set on purchasing one valuable, long-lasting item. I was making my way to the Celestial face moisturizer, when lo and behold the best thing happened- a sign promising nine (9!) coveted products for the the insane price of $25! 

Yes, you read that right. Nine quality, useful, and delectable beauty items to give you a perfect day of pampering. Here’s what you get: A Facial cleanser (your choice!) a jar of Celestial face cream, Lemony Flutter cuticle moisturizer, a shampoo bar (you choose!), a generous portion of a face mask (again, your selection!), Moisturizing body bar, Body Scrub, Hand Guru hand cream, a foot salve, and a secret item, which you’ll have to see for yourself. Get it at a participating Lush store today, or online, if you know what you want. Your body, mind, soul, and wallet will thank you a million times over.