2017 has been amazing for me and we’re only half way through. I’ve ran a bunch of races, traveled to places I’ve always wanted to go, published my novel, Confessions of a Black Travel Diva, and all in all checked off my goals one by one. I’ve sort of become a master at this manifestation thing.Me, celebrating my novel on the shelf at Word bookstore in Jersey City, after a book signing in Newark at black-owned bookstore, Source of Knowledge. 

That said, I’m happy to see people who I’ve followed from day one blowing up with their own success. I’ve followed Issa Rae from her Youtube days where my coworker and I would crack up in our Tribeca office stifling laughs and hiding in the kitchen barely containing ourselves at Issa’s mirror raps. Photographer Elton Anderson  and the glam squad at Hannah Magazine did my girl well for her photoshoot, where she portrayed Missy Elliot and Solange.

On another note, I went to see Kendrick Lamar at Barclay’s Center, for an absolutely dope concert. I rarely go to concerts, so when I do, it better be good. And it was. Kendrick held his own for sure, even with the guest cameos. He owned it. I’m so glad I paid for good seats.

The new video for Loyalty is dope too. Check it out…