Goo Be Gone: Removeez

Get Stuff Off Your Skin by Removeez, $9.

We’ve all been there: A search inside your bottomless purse lands you with hands covered in ink, makeup gunk, and a bunch of other feminine atrocities. Your hands emerge with colors that would rival even a kindergartener after art class. You scrub, and scrub, but you still remain, stained. What is your solution? Get Stuff Off Your Skin. Literally. This stain remover blend is made up of plant extracts and citrus oils, and comes in four different scents.

Removeez website.


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  1. Thank you Lavish Magazine for the great write up. REMOVEEZ is perfect for that on the go fashionista, don’t forget about those nasty club stamps. Stay beautiful!
    Get Stuff Off Your Skin – REMOVEEZ

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