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I’m on vacation, and I consider any type of manual labor to be work-even cooking. But when I saw the creation of this simple pear tart, I couldn’t help but take note. And the finished product is so delish, you’ll want to as well. Show off to your friends, or invite a few chicks over for Sunday brunch and get all French on them. They’ll be flattered.

Pear Tarte

You’ll need (and this is so non-scientific):
Premade soft pie crust (not in the pan, the kind in the refrigerated section of the supermarket);
Large halved-pears, canned;
a small carton of heavy cream;
a large bar of dark chocolate;
wax paper;
round pan;
almond powder or sliced almonds;
1 egg;
course sugar

1. Line a round pan with wax paper
2. Lay pie crust in pan and poke holes in the crust
3. Microwave dark chocolate with 3 tbsp water until softened (but not gooey and watery!)
4. Stir Chocolate until you get a thick, yet creamy consistency
5. Cover the bottom of the crust with all of the chocolate

6. Add pre-sliced (canned) pear halves to the pie

7. In a separate bowl, add heavy cream, egg, and stir

8. Stir in the almonds

9. Cover the pears with the mixture

10. Springle sugar on top

11. Bake for 20 minutes at 400°F or until golden brown

Top it off with some french vanilla ice cream, and you’re good to go!

Bon Appétit!


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  1. Thanks for that wonderfully simple recipe. I will take note!

  2. love trying new recipes, will definitely try this.

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