Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Eye Roller, $12, Target

I’m always on the prowl for eye area treatments. The skin around the eye is particularly delicate, subject to premature aging, puffiness and all that nasty stuff that can make a face look old. Garnier Nutritioniste has an eye roller gel pen that promises to massage away under eye misery. I loved the massaging aspect of this product, providing sort of a lymphatic drainage massage around my eye. Garnier claims seemed a little extraordinary in their claims about the product so I called the 800 number on the box for some clarification and got none. Instead I was promised a call from the company chemist who’d answer my more scientific questions, namely the reason why IMIAZOLIDINYL UREA was in the product that seemed otherwise harmless. I’ll be addressing this common cosmetic ingredient. Ladies, think embalming fluid. Yikes! Anyhoo back to this beauty innovation as its touted. I suggest refrigerating this product for a refreshing cooling sensation. I also suggest you carry it in your purse for an on the go pick-me-up. I caution though, don’t expect a miracle. Caffiene has been used ineffectively as a cellulite diminishing ingredient for years. Think Clarins. For twelve dollars it won’t hurt to try this little gadget. The liquid is fast absorbing once patted into the skin. Give it a try!