Beyoncé struggles in a stunning Alexander McQueen Dress at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Ball On May 2, 2011.

In the past I’ve mused about the impractical (and painful) fashion selection that many celebrities employ for the cameras. But at what point does one separate the runway from reality? Even with the help of her assistance and husband, Bey struggled in a couture McQueen gown to walk up a series of steps at the Ball; this gown-though stunning- was clearly meant for a catwalk, where there are no hills, cobblestones, or stairs in sight.

Rarely do we ever see the likes of Beyoncé or Mariah in a pair of shoes less than 6 inches high, let alone flats. The latter had no choice because of impending labor with twins! And even pregnancy is not off-limits to style as witnessed on Bravo’s new reality show Pregnant in Heels. Heels that highs and clothes so tight can have perilous repercussions for our bodies. Which begs the question: Are there no lengths that a woman would go for style?

Here are some attendees in much more forgiving attire, and of course, the master behind the late master, Sarah Burton.