Flower Bomb: Spring 2007 Dresses

“Flowers For Spring. How novel”- The Devil Wears Prada

Last weekend weather forecasters were flipping out over the crazy wave of heat in New York City. And with the sudden burst of warm weather (and cherry blossums!) I couldn’t help but fast forward to the spring dresses bursting with unconventional flower motifs. Of course, my new fave, Marchesa tops the list, but Anna Sui, Yves Saint Laurent, and Zac Posen-among others- take top honors as well.

Zac Posen, Spring 2007
The trapeze look is still in full effect for Zac

Anna Sui, Spring 2007
Black and white create bold and funky graphic florals

Yves Saint Laurent, Spring 2007
Rich purple and frills appeal to the dark romantic

Marchesa, Spring 2007
Marchesa opts for an In-Your-Face Fuschia Rose

Oscar de la Renta, Spring 2007
Oscar combines two big trends for Spring: Citrus yellow,
and black and white for a double delight!

Moschino, Spring 2007
Get Scarlet Fever with this sexy and sweet selection


A Winter Wonderland


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  1. Anonymous

    those are some weird dresses but one of them i like it was that navy blue and white one

  2. Anonymous

    The navy blue and white was the weirdest one..

  3. Anonymous

    oscar de le renta has always had great ideas as well as Moschino. They were my two best!! The yellow is such a vibrant color and mixed with the bold blk/wht detail on the bottom, it was a great eye catcher.. and well the red… you can never go wrong with RED!

  4. CJN

    The first two people, you guys clearly do not know anything about fashion, all of these are flawless, they are beautiful works of art, none of these garments are “weird”, your weird for even considering them weird! Learn a thing or two about fashion before you critique it sister!

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