This beauty queen could use a few skin tips.

 I may not be a beauty queen, but I take great pride in my skin. It’s the first thing that people inadvertently see, and a grown woman with skin that hasn’t been loved truly shows, especially as she gets older. There are so many tips and tricks, and beauty goos to samples, but I have found, time and time again, that the following principles seem to work consistently for me:

1. Find The Perfect Cleanser. How are you cleansing? While everyone’s preference may be different, its importnat to get a cleanser that doesn’t over- strip your skin of the natural protective oils. My personal favorite is Dr Bronner’s Rose Castile soap, diluted, but this may be too harsh for some. For sensitive skin, I recommend Angel’s on Bare Skin by Lush. It was seriously the only cleanser I could use that didnt burn my face when I was pregnant.

2. Use The Right Tools. I have wanted  to purchase a Clarasonic Rotating Brush for the longest time. Luckily, at the last Lucky FABB cnference, Olay was gifting their own version, the Olay Pro-X brush. It is a godsend, as it sloughs away alot of the dead skin cells that I would have ordinarily missed by simple had or washcloth washing. I use it everyday.

3. Steam. I try to steam everyday. I swear it gives me that extra glow that no beauty product can achieve. It’s become a ritual that I must do after every workout at the gym, and I sit in the steam room for at least five minutes.

4. Drink Water. I am guilty of neglecting the amount of water I drink, even though I carry around a 2 liter bottle everyday for my workouts. But water really is the key and keps the cells in your skin hydrated which prevents that dull, hardedned texture on the skin that is so prevalent in the winter.

5. Moisturize. I can’t say this enough. Even if you are prone to breakouts, its always a good idea to moisturize your face, even with something light. When the skin senses that it is not hydrated enough, it couteracts by producing more oil, which will eventually lead to more breakouts. I personally prefer to use a moisturizer with some amount of sunscreen, like Lush’s Skin Drink or Olay’s SPF 15 Facial Moisturizer. Because skin cancer is not the business.
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