Admit it. Father’s Day is 2 days away, and like always, you’ve waited until the last minute to get your dad something special. You usually end up picking up a cheap tie in Midtown, or getting a gift certificate from the Home Depot. While I’ve never resorted to either, I have come up with a few fail-proof ideas to make the father-figures in my life feel special, and I always get a heartfelt Thanks in return.

Five Great Father’s Day Gifts

A Pair of Thomas Pink cufflinks
Cufflinks are fail proof. A pair of cufflinks from high end London retailer Thomas Pink makes the man feel truly special. At $50, the pair below are not only inexpensive, but high impact.

Cifflinks, $50, Thomas Pink

Take a hike

If your dad loves the outdoors, visit your local trail or park. Many State parks offer free birdwatching or trail tours. Growing up on Long Island, my family enjoyed Sunken Meadow Park, and Prospect Park has some great hidden treasures.

Out Fishing

This Father’s Day, I plan to vist my father’s gravesite in Calverton, Long Island. Upper Mills Pond in Calverton offers a great pond for fishing. This pond offers an abundance of largemouth bass, Pickerel, and sunfish. Or just enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding wildlife. Sometimes silence is golden.

Pick up something unique


Does your dad admire old trains or movie posters? Visit a local flea market and pick up a one-of-a-kind treasure that is sure to make your dad’s day.

Visit an off-beat Restaurant

I won’t lie. When we were kids, my sister and I lived forIHOP on Father’s Day. Actually, it was our Sunday ritual to go to IHOP. But you can step it up a little and visit a place that not everyone immediately thinks of when it comes to special days. I personally will be taking my dad to Dinosaur’s BBQ in Harlem, because that barbecue is the best I’ve tasted outside of North Carolina. I plan to get him a couple of mixed drinks, a basket of fried green tomatoes, and a rack of ribs. Cheers to that!

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