Saturday mornings just aren’t what they used to be. No longer are the best cartoons reserved for that one day of the week during that one block of time-all morning! You might have a cold bowl of cereal, wrap yourself in a blanket and plop down in front of the TV for the first cartoon to kick off the day. Smurfette Mood Swing by Too Faced Cosmetics takes me back to that time. Smurfette was one chic I used to want to be, because not only did her shoes rock, she was such a friggin lady, and could get down with Gargamel any day! With Smurfette Mood Swing, I’ll get a bit closer to filling that childhood fantasy.

According to your mood, your gloss may turn a smurfy blue like Smurfette herself, or quite a few shades of juicy pink reminiscent of those smurf berries you were always dieing to try. It all depends on how you feel. There’s also a hint of shimmer to add to the fun. Right now Smurfette Mood Swing is 50% at just $9.25 at Too That’s fun too!

Arlice Nichole