Foxy Brown leaving Manhattan criminal court Jan. 17, 2006

Fashionable Justice:
Has the perp walk become the new catwalk?

The public has always known that the perfect outfit–a well tailored suit, a somber-hued skirt, well coiffed hair– have always been a staple of the courtroom. But as of late, media and entertainment divas have been making a scene, from the doors of their chauffeured cars to the judicial seat. Suddenly, once solemn steps have become the new runway, where the paparazzi clamour for the best shots and entertainment wag mags make commentary on the fashion choices of the accused.

Martha Stewart enters court with Hermes Birkin bag, February 2004

With the public becoming more style conscious and labe-minded, it is hard for a celeb’s style to go unnoticed. Who could forget the media frenzy when Martha Stewart showed up at her trial for stock-trading fraud with the coveted Hermes Birkin bag? The poster child for anger-management, Naomi Campbell, arguably uses her undeniable fashion sense to influence light sentences. Would a slim cut Giorgio Armani suit get me off the hook if I were placed in a similar predicament? Maybe not. But as Karl Lagerfeld once said “There is no justice in fashion.”

Naomi hides those pesky handcuffs with a mink poncho.