Sheree of Housewives fame made another honest attempt at her fashion line, and she showed clothes. She’s come a long way from the sketches that she presented at a grand party last year. But homegirl leaves much to be desired. While the clothes and design concepts look great from afar, they are a disaster up close. Unfinished hems, puckered seams, ill-fitting dresses, it was a mess. Maybe Sheree and her team should have begun construction a little more than a day before. Our insider tells us that Sheree was fashionably late to her presentation on Sunday because her people were still constructing the garments up to an hour before the show. How unfortunate for her. And while I am well aware that designers often put last touches on their clothing right before a show, for Sheree, this is a make or break moment. Sure, I may never get an invite to her future shows, but her line may not be around that long to matter.