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Inspired by the public’s disappointment in the acquittal of the three police officers that brutally gunned down Sean Bell, who was to be married the very next day, CEO Roc Cayard, Brand Manager at Hood Certified Clothing has launched Social Acitivism Clothing Line.

The clothing line will address many issues facing young Americans of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. One reason for the creation of the line is to inspire young people to get involved in addressing the serious issues that affect the lives and surroundings of those in the community daily. Also, Cayard hopes the clothing line will motivate all people to take an active, aggressive approach to all sensitive issues in the communities to bring about change.

The clothing line’s first design is a brightly worded T-shirt with the statement “I AM SEAN BELL’S REVENGE” A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this shirt will go towards creating a community education program in Queens, NY.

For more information and for the purchase of this shirt, visit


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  1. mary ellen pleasant

    horrible profiteering.

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