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I haven’t received any negative comments, but I just thought I’d put this thought out there regarding my fashion selections and reviews. To many of you, this goes without saying, but to those few who are baffled by some of the fashions presented here, understand this: I am serious about fashion. When I do a post about designers, it is not merely because they are nice, or because it is something that you or I would wear, but more because of the artistic merit of each designer. So while I’ll never wear Balenciaga’s hideous Fall ’06 geisha platforms, I fully appreciate the artistic form and merits that Nicolas Ghesquière and his team strive toward. Understanding the form, the aesthetic, and concept behind each collection is what takes us beyond the typical blabber of “what’s cute on what celeb” and puts us on a higher, educational understanding of fashion as art, and the political and social references fashion may or may not imply. Think about that…


Pippin Vintage Jewelry


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  1. hotcoffy007

    i totally agree with you.

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