Before I get to the fun fashion stuff, I must note the airline security regulations. They are really strict about that ziplock bag rule and the 3 fl. oz. rule–much to my dismay because I had to part with a 3.3oz bottle of Flying Fox. Even though it was half full, the labeling clearly stated that the bottle was over 3 ounces, so the guard had to nix it! I had to watch all the security agents pass around the measly little bottle, sniffing it, and ooing and aah-ing before it got tossed in the trash. My point is–don’t try to outsmart the regulators. They will get you.

These Loubous were KILLER to walk in. I had to avoid every cobblestone/rock/metal grating. On top of that everyone was staring at me (Were they jealous, or just wondering how and why the hell I would walk in 5 inch stillettos around Paris?)

I must say that I found romance in the City of Light. I was lucky enough to be given a wonderful tour of Paris at night by motorcycle. If only I could capture the moments: My purple taffeta YSL-like dress flapping in the wind as we circled the Eiffel Tower; my hair blowing wildly as we raced down the Champs des Lysees; bumbing along the ancient cobblestones in the hills of Montmarte; the bright lights of the Moulin Rouge, the serenity of the Seine at midnight. I saw Paris in a way that I had never seen before. To say the least, it was the most refreshing experience of this city that I’ve ever had!