Evening Hilarity: Latoya Jackson

Latoya is literally at the closest of Michael’s fame in this picture.

It seems like every poor member of the Jackson clan (except Janet) is on their hustle game HARD to let us know how close THEY were to the King of Pop. Latoya just released this commemorative song, the delusional lyrics and self reflection in her bi-racial mini-me are hilarious at best. The song and singing is not bad in and of itself> letoya just shouldn’t be the one doing it. The writer on What Would Thembi Do says:

The least they could have done is splice in a photo montage or something. Meanwhile, the song itself isn’t too bad, but unfortunately the lyrics demonstrate her delusions – “Parted by the fame we grew to only know.” WE? What do you mean “we,” paleface? And yes I do notice the ridiculous lighting meant to camouflage her aging plastic-y face that makes her look 3 shades lighter. When discussing this with a friend of mine he suggested that CNN do a version of Black In America just looking at Latoya and using her existence to explain the ill-effects that slavery and Jim Crow continue to have on black folks.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Latoya is his sister and has a right to capitalize if she wants to. After all the lawyers, music business sharks, fans and ONLINE Journalists like the one above, have milked the Jacksons to their own ends for years. More important however is that the proceeds are going to MIKE's favorite charity, and she is drawing attention to the fact that he is in the Guinness Book of World Records for Charity work. She is making sure her brother isn't remembered as "Wacko Jacko" and should be applauded for that. It's ashamed so many people are bitter, cynical, and judgemental. Someday those same haters will be on the judgement block. I hope their lives are as perfect as they expect Latoya's to be. With regards to her talent, most people who comment on it haven’t even heard the bulk of her catalogue. People seem proud to spew opinions on which they know nothing about. With artists like Janet sounding like Minnie Mouse on helium and Brittany sounding like Kermit the frog setting the standard in the music industry, Latoya is far from “talentless:.

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