The wall-to-wall crowd at the Rachel Roy pop-up store

A big highlight for Dominique and I was the Rachel Roy pop-up. Seems like everyone in town was trying to get in on the party. I didn’t even know there was a guest list–but went in anyway! I loved the graffiti-themed store, and the displays of some of the items-though in some spaces it was so dark that I couldn’t get a full grasp of all of the fashionable goodies inside. But I got my hands on the Love earrings that I had been drooling over for quite some time. Dominique snapped these pix for us:

Estelle was friendly and stylish in a Pollock-like painterly dress and gold hoops. When we came, she was just chilling behind the velvet rope chatting it up.

It’s a wonder that nothing got stolen! The accessories were laid out, unattached to anything. Very surprising considering the sheer volume of people inside the store!

I love this display dripped in gray paint. It definitely makes the charm necklace stand out.

In a one-shouldered dress of her own design, Rachel was a doll. She was completely unreserved in conversation! We caught it on tape, but because it was so noisy, I can’t offer you any direct quotes. Sorry. But some of the most funniest and telling bits were her insights into her past “fucked up” relationship, and how it inspired her current designs. And how she can tell her girls that good things can come out of bad experiences.

I’m glad I decided to revisit the store later in the evening because I caught quite a few gems. Fashion Week is ON!