So we heard news that the CW was pimping out Tyra Banks (or is it the other way around?) once again for a new show that is a mix of The Assistant and The Devil, and The Fashionista Diaries. And we were guessing that with Teen Vogue being out of the game since the Hills, it might be some other teen mag like CosmoGirl. But news is that the magazine will be Elle.

From Jossip:
Although Elle always had “no comment” for us when we asked them to confirm they were working on a TV project aside from Nina Garcia’s involvement in Project Runway, it’s clear they’ve finally found a skein to latch on to. As we were the first to report in December, Elle EIC Robbie Myers and creative director Joe Zee were running around town meeting with various TV outfits, including Ugly Betty and America’s Next Top Model. Now it seems Myers’ minions have sealed a deal with the latter, with Zee and Anne Slowey signing on to a Tyra Banks-Ken Mok-produced project for The CW that’s billed as The Devil Wears Prada meets The Assistants. Rumor has it, the show will be called Fashionista, with the contestants all gunning for the grand prize of a gig at Elle.Source