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The Velib, the new, increasingly popular mode of transportation in Paris. Rent one for 5 euros a week of unlimited use. My travel salvation! Now if only NY got on the bandwagon…

Being in Europe really opens my eyes to how wasteful I can be in America. I am constantly reminded of this whenever I see the significantly smaller European fridge, the consistent, methodical use of the recycling system, and the noticeably smaller cars and use of mopeds. By far, Europe is leaps ahead in the conserving category. At the supermarket, everyone brings their own durable bag, and I’ve begun the practice as well. I even carry a bag in my purse, just in case I may go grocery shopping. It also helps that some markets charge you 3 cents per bag (so you can forget double-bagging everything!)

So why is it so hard to use the same practices in the U.S.? For New Yorkers, public transit is an essential, but why not the use of a moped over a car? They take up much less parking space, use less gas, and are a much better alternative to cars–not to mention the chic-ness of the smaller motorcycle. That being said, my next major purchase will be, not my convertible dream, but a cute little Vespa. And I’ve permanently switched from store plastic bags to my own cute little canvas bags for shopping. It’s really not so hard, so why not try it?


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  1. Hey Tatiana,

    It’s cool to see your perspective on Paris. Good call on the energy conservation!

    I’m actually putting together a social network featuring informal reviews for Manhattan venues (boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, etc.) and events (parties, fashion shows, gallery openings, concerts) and I thought that you’d enjoy being a part of our beta testing period. It would be a great opportunity for you to write reviews, promote local events and your blog on a new social network, and connect with people through technology that connects people both online and offline. Let me know if you’d be interested in participating and maybe we can connect in person and have some drinks!


  2. Murr


    Great that you’re bringing attention to the ways we do our part to help the environment. I’d like to suggest an alternative to even mopeds. After recently spending a year and a half in Amsterdam, where there are more bikes (really) than people, this sister’s eyes were opened to the virtue of cycling as the primary mode of transportation. Rain, sleet, snow…well maybe not snow, the Dutch were getting their self-powered groove. Not only does cycling go a long way to your carbon-neutral status, it’s great exercise.

    Thanks for the great post!

  3. Anonymous

    It’s soo funny you guys noticed all these European habits as trends! I actually live in Amsterdam, and ofcourse I have a bike as well, and I use it a lot when I’m touring my way up trough the city. It’s always faster and cheaper then using a car.
    And ofcourse for bad weather you can hop on a Vespa, and be even faster!!
    Good luck

  4. Anonymous

    Hey I also live in Paris i’m a french fan of your blog and the thing is that we french love the US because it’s so different from here everything is just bigger there!!!

  5. I’m a french too , from Paris , and it seems like every countries got something that we want . World should be a mix of all the good parts of each country .

    For Velib’ , i gotta admit that it’s doing a hit here , even in autumn and soon Winter . It’s quite simple to use , fast but a little bit dangerous with aaaaall the cars .

    I hope that I’ll come to the US soon , in NYC , to compare both cities . Peace.

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