Don’t be Fooled

Conservative America has launched a strategic attack to win the November election by any means.
Your June rebate check is their first attempt to buy your vote. What says we need a rebate better then a deficit, owing trillions of dollars to China, deplorable schools, hungry children, homeless people or people dying in Iraq for no reason.

It been estimated that 10-15% of Hillary’s votes in the primaries this week were from Republicans who registered Democrat to vote for Hillary at the request of conservative talk show hosts split the Democratic vote again.,2933,334669,00.html

Remember if someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM!The truth of the matter is both Hillary and George W. Bush has shown us their true character. They are neither democrat nor republican but rather answer to a higher power, the corporations of the United States.

Ralph Nader GO BACK to where you’ve been hiding for the past four years! We’ve seen this play out before don’t be fooled.
Here’s some advise save your rebate check. You’ll need it for a one way flight out of the country come November, if this plays out again.


Speaking of LV: Just… No!


And the Best Spitzer Headline Goes To:


  1. Anonymous

    Like a pimple on one’s nose, the night before a big photo shoot, and just as timely, hither comes Ralph Nader…truly, what purpose does this man serve? He’s tantamount to someone holding out in a jury, just because he has the leverage, and the power to do so, albeit temporarily. You only really hear about him every 4 years, when it’s time to remove, or replace a crown!
    Hilary’s feeling a little heat, and despite her not wanting to play the predictable political mud-slinging game, had that ace up her sleeve when things got a little hot. The “crying game” was good for a temporary boost, but once it ran out of gas, she found that she had to do what most desperate politicians do. Predictable.

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