A good friend of mine has been re-introducing me to some classic jazz and world beat ingenues. Don Byron, a Bronx-based jazz clarinet and saxophone player, released his funky, politically-infused album Nu Blaxploitation in 1998. More than an ordinary player, Byron has worked and studied alongside a diverse collection of exceptional musical talents including Cassandra Wilson, Meshell N’Degeocello, Living Colour, and Igor Stravinsky, a 20th century Russian composer. Listening to this album brought back memories of all of my favorite albums during the golden age of Hip Hop, especially my favorite album of all time, Do You Want More??!!?? by The Roots.

Listen to Schizo Jam ft. poet Sadiq and Biz Markie
Listen to Dodi ft. poet Sadiq, a controversial look at the conspiracy theories surrounding Dodi al Fayed at the death of Princess Di

Don Byron plays at the Bang on a Can Marathon in 2006