The DIY Dress, on the model. All images Teen Vogue

Instead of sitting around moping on yet another dreary, rainy day, why not make something fashionable? I’m always peeping my head into the Do-It-Yourself section of certain magazines, and this project comes courtesy of Teen Vogue. Difficulty? beginner- Intermediate. Full instructions HERE:

Prep Items:
* Three yards of vintage fabric
* A tape measure
* scissors, needle, and thread
* a white t-shirt
* felt Stick-It letters

Step 1: Cut the fabric to make the skirt of the dress. For width, measure your waist and multiply that number by three. Next, cut the desired length.

Step 2: Using the needle and thread, make a running stitch across the top of the fabric, with each stitch about one-quarter inch in length. When finished, pull the stitch to shirr the skirt.

Step 3: Trim the bottom of the T-shirt so that it hits your natural waist. Sew the skirt’s waist to the T-shirt’s bottom. Stick the letters across the front of the shirt to spell out your message.

And the final product!