Divine Style

A wall in the mosque; Anna Sui goes global with a patterned mini dress, Fall 07
As I traversed the rooms and halls of the Mosqée de Paris, I couldn’t help but see the parallels in fashion. Details like grommets, assymmetrical lines, and lace all recall certain parts of the mosque’s intricacies in my mind. And with a focus on world fashion in the Fall 07 collections, the mixture of ethnic vibes adds a wonderful and mesmerizing texture to the clothes this season.

A mosque floor; a nearly identical Marc Jacobs canvas bag
An exterior rooftop; the layers on a Christian Dior Couture Fall 07 Dress

A door on the side of the mosque; Grommeted Alberta Ferretti Fall 07 Pump

An interior ceiling detail; Intricate lace on an Ashley Isham Fall 07 gown

The overlapping holes of a mosque door; A somewhat reminiscent clutch mimicking the holes with crossing rhinestones



Street Art: Barbes Paris


What’s Pop(Lock & Drop)pin’ in Paris


  1. Black Style Central

    I love this post so much. You have a great eye.

  2. Thanks BSC!

  3. Anonymous

    I love your blog.

    for the post “divine style”
    who are the designers of the bags featured

  4. Thanx anon. The white bag is by Marc Jacobs, and the brown studded bag is by… I don’t know! I was pulling and I decided to use this at the last minute after I trashed it. So I never got the name, and even though I searched and searched for the image, I can’t find it. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is???Tatiana

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