Disaster in Kenya

Members of the opposition take to the streets of Nairobi, Kenya.

Today young lawmaker Mugabe Were was killed amidst the ever-increasing virulent conditions in Kenya. Were was a politician who spoke openly about the disputed Kenyan elections, and gained the respect of his peers by spearheading social programs for the community. The Kenyan violence stems from a Decemeber election in which opposition supporters disputed the win of the current president, Mwai Kibaki over Raila Odinga, opposition leader. Were, a member of the opposition, is the latest in a series of deaths spurred by ethnic and political tensions that have long marred the country. From The New York Times:

NAIROBI, Kenya — Mugabe Were, a freshman parliamentarian, could have been one of the keys to unlocking Kenya’s crisis but on Tuesday he was shot dead in his driveway.

Mr. Were, 39, was an opposition politician who had resisted his party’s often belligerent talk. He had married a woman of another ethnic group, built a footbridge in a slum with his own money and sponsored teenage mothers to go to college. As Kenya slid into chaos this past month after a disputed election, he shuttled between leaders of different ethnic groups and was actually organizing a peace march the night before he died.

Read the entire story at the New York Times.



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  1. XXX

    when i read stories of chaos like these, especially those emerging from the continent Africa, all i can think is: will we ever learn? the answer is in the picture…

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