Denise Huxtable: Vintage Lavish Diva

You might be wondering why I’ve cited Denise Huxtable as a Vintage Lavish Diva, even though Lisa Bonet stands as a boho fashion icon in her own right. Well, while Lisa presented herself as one of the original rock-star wives/mothers so effortlessly, Denise Huxtable has always existed as a contradiction to what a ‘young black girl’ was supposed to be on television in the 80s. Sensitive, intelligent, and impulsive, she was unbeholden to what society expected of her to do or be.

Whether it was through her fondness of natty vintage clothing and clashing prints:

or challenging her parents’ standards of success by foregoing college to eventually travel to Africa on a whim:

Denise Huxtable always moved to the beat of her own drum. And while she eventually settled down into adulthood by becoming a military wife and mother, her perpetual ability to see and live life on her own terms is what has ultimately made her a timeless character and Vintage Lavish Diva:

Photo source: Sitcoms Online
In addition, she also paved the way for a future crop of insightful and enlightened young black women on the small screen:Winifred “Freddie” Brooks in A Different World

Photo Source: Rugrat Online

Moesha Mitchell in Moesha

Source: Students of the World

Cassie Sutton in Lincoln Heights




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  1. Of course Cree would be inspired by Lisa…they were best friends. Cree refers to Lisa as a “big sister.”

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